Forex Advertising (Iklan Forex) receives only high quality targeted traffic, which comes mainly from search engines (Google). Visitors are interested in everything about foreign exchange and financial trading.

2020 update

Paid advertising on has been closed permanently. We will not accept any advertising enquiry anymore.

Google Analytic stats

Last 30 days (May, 2019)

Website Traffic

Sessions: 9,512
Page Views: 16,885
New Visitor: 74.3%
Returning Visitor: 25.7%


Organic Search: 84.9%
Direct: 13.9%
Referral: 0.8%
Social: 0.4%

Visitors Demographic (Continent)

Asia 97.51%
Americas 1.80%
Europe 0.39%
Africa 0.11%
Oceania 0.04%
Others 0.00%

Advertisement types: Flat Rate

We do not work on CPM, CPL, CPA, revenue share, or any similar model.

Rates & Ad Placements

*All banners are static, no rotation and no animation.
*Banners format: GIF, PNG, JPEG (Flash banners are not accepted).

Exclusive ad, only 1 spot available.

Banner position: Right sidebar (side-wide)
Banner size (px): 300×250
Rates (per month) USD: contact us (see below)
Status: N/A – Permanently closed

Caripips Banner Updated 12 06 2018 Exclusive

Long term advertising deals

Discount for 12-month orders — 10%

Available payment methods

  • Neteller
  • Skrill

How to Start

Send an email to us via contact form below:

Permanently closed

In your email please indicate:

  • Preferred duration of the advertising campaign
  • Attach your advertising/creative materials (if ready).

Once your advertisement details are confirmed, a web spot will be reserved for you and payment details will be sent to you.

*Minimum purchase – 1 month (30 days)
*All payments are due prior to banner placement.


  • All advertisement prices can be changed without any notice.
  • We guarantees fixed prices and availability of the purchased advertising spots for the period prepaid by Advertisers.
  • All advertisement external links must be “nofollow”.
  • All ad placements are provided as is and no results are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the results, the payment will not be refunded under any circumstances. Though, we will try to make your advertisement as effective as possible.
  • works directly with clients. We do not sell advertising through third parties.
  • reserves the right to accept or reject creative materials based on their quality and appropriateness.
  • Advertisers assume full liability and responsibility for all advertising materials provided.

Scam warning!

All advertising deals should be made only via our contact form or email directly to us.

If someone contacts you from email ending with, please make sure that they can reply to your messages sent to that address. If they cannot, they are scammers and will steal your money!

We do not use Skype, Whatsapp or any other instant messengers to discuss advertising.